About Us

At Network Caretaker we provide complete website design, development and management solutions for “Real World” businesses around the world.

Founded in 2018, we have quickly established a trusted brand with our clients and peers by delivering a high quality service at an affordable price.

We work collaboratively with our clientele, focusing on the delicate details, understanding the development needs and providing innovative network management solutions to help grow businesses online.

Our expert design and development team offer full-stack services so you don’t need to deal with multiple contactors when crafting your digital platform, and a dedicated marketing unit to help you manage and promote your online brand.

As of January 2019, we have expanded our services to further meet our customers needs by offering premium quality hosting from our new store NetworkCaretaker.net

Our mission to achieve excellence by challenging ourselves. We thrive for perfection and accept no substitute. No matter how big or small a project, all are equal and treated as such. Our clients are not just the backbone of our business, they are the heart of it.

From the moment you register your first domain we’ll take care of your network, leaving you free to focus on the rapid growth of your business.

We aim to provide services that cover all our client needs including:

Domain Registration; because building an online business starts with a great domain name and your domain name is “you” on the internet. We have already helped hundreds of business owners find the perfect domain for their business.

Website design and full stack development Service; the creative force for ensuring your visitors always get the best website experience. Responsive, creative and easy to use so the face your business looks it’s best.

Domain Broker and Investment Service; to help our clients secure the high valued premium domain they really want, at the lowest possible price.

Online Brand Identity Protection; our ground-breaking service to help identify our client’s competition and protect their online brand.

Website Hosting; from cloud hosting and virtual servers, to your own dedicated platform, we can support our clients’ needs no matter how big or small, and with servers located on 4 different continents we provide the biggest and best worldwide coverage.

Campaigns and Marketing, to attract more traffic to our client’s sites and put businesses in front of millions of potential customers.

SEO and Analytics; to help you better understand your online business. We provide fully managed analytical and search engine optimization services so our clients can easily understand their audience and never risk losing valuable organic traffic.

We have custom solutions for all types of business, weather you’re a brand new startup or a fully established offline business that is looking to the virtual world as an added source of revenue; if you are looking to take a business online and your not sure where to start, drop us a message and we promise to get back you straight away.

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